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Admission Essay Rewrite

I have always had the passion of using technology to change the world. I have always had the strong believe that we could enhance the efficiency of energy production by utilizing robotics and artificial intelligence while saving our environment. In line with these I met and formed a team with passionate and self-driven individuals. The aim of this team was to work with and integrate automation technologies and innovations that are created every day will also collaborate with the coordinators of the Language Exchange Program to enhance a more accepting tolerant and appreciating attitude towards diversity. The opportunity to study MBA at Cornell University within the Johnson community will not only provide an avenue for me to be taught by the best but will also allow me to learn and associate with the best there is in this field through the unique yet special connection within the community.
Hello I have an 500 word essay that is 2/3 complete. I am looking to find an experienced writer to rewrite the entire essay to make it more logical and with active/positive attitude.
Please review the attachment for more details

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