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Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture Treatment Student’s Name University Affiliation Date Acupuncture Treatment The practice and theory of acupuncture first started in China. It was recorded in documents a few hundred years before the Common Era. Acupuncture is a form of treatment which involves inserting needles at specific points in the body. During this period people used sharpened stones and sharpened bones for acupuncture treatment (Faircloth 2015). The acupuncture treatment has been an important and unique part of the Chinese culture especially in their traditional medicine. According to Faircloth (2015) research has shown that acupuncture emerged as one the earliest healing and therapeutic method. The yellow emperor is known as the founder of different types of medicine including acupuncture. The earliest documented reference to acupuncture treatment is the yellow emperor’s classic of internal medicine. This book has references to questions made by the emperor to his minister regarding knowledge of concepts on meridians encompasses acupuncture use of herbs massage and moxibustion. The acupuncturist should make follow up to ensure their patients are doing fine and recommend a different care in case the therapy is not working. Chronic illness should be treated with care because most patients’ with chronic illness have other conditions too which should be addressed. It’s very important for an acupuncturist to focus on ensuring their patients are stress-free have improved energy and the treatment should help boost their immunity. References Faircloth A. (2015). Acupuncture: History from the Yellow Emperor to Modern Anesthesia Practice. AANA Journal 83(4) 289-295. Mash H. (2011). Acupuncture in small animal practice. Veterinary Nursing Journal 26(6) 204-206. Paterson C. & Britten N. (2003). Acupuncture for People with Chronic Illness: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Outcome Assessment. Journal Of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 9(5) 671-681. Vannierop D. (2000). Acupuncture school teaches healing alternative. Inside Tucson Business 10(29) 8.
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