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Active listening

Students name Instructors name Course Date Active listening Listening is one of those basic skills of communication that human beings tend to pay little attention to whenever they are conversing. Being one of them human beings we tend to get it wrong by thinking that active listening entails providing an ear to the speaker. Little do we know that it is more than that I didn’t exhibit all the active listening skills I portrayed a high-level commitment and dedication to what was being said. I can say the experiment was all a success! Work cited Cournoyer Barry R. The social work skills workbook. Cengage Learning 2016: 44-57 Active listening: Hear what people are actually saying. (2016). Mind Tools. Retrieved from Michael. Rost. Active listening. Routledge 2017: 11-32
Discussion Post

Active listening is a technique that is frequently used in conflict situations to increase the effectiveness of communication. View the following video and short article that teach active listening skills.
Active listening: Hear what people are actually saying. (2016). Mind Tools. Retrieved from
Now try to practice active listening with a friend, a spouse, coworker – or even a stranger on the bus! (You can use a cheat-sheet if you can’t remember all the steps.) Tell us about your experience. What were the circumstances of the conversation? Was it easy or hard? What gave you difficulty in putting the technique into practice?   What was the other person’s reaction? Do you think the experiment was successful?
(Besides the source listed above, bring in and cite at least one other source of information for your initial post.)

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