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7 Reading and essay

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Impacts of European Immigrants in America We all aspire to live in a society where all members of the society are united since the religious values as well as the differences in moral values that we uphold are all in harmony with the different ideologies that are observed by different categories of people. It is clear that the ideologies that Europeans brought into the United States did not come true. The migration of the Europeans into the United States failed to establish societies that were in harmony with the Indians who occupied the place before the emigration of Europeans took place. I strongly believe the influence of the Puritans did not match the world of freedom as well as equality. The following essay will strive to analyze various publications and eventually explore the kind of a society that was formed under the influence of farms in order to make them wealthier. It also even curtailed the dream of slaves making a better life once they arrive in America. The poor working conditions that the slaves were subjected to is depicted by Richard Frethorne in his publication Letter to his Parents where he narrated how the health of the indentured servants deteriorated due to the harsh working conditions they were subjected to as their masters become more richer and powerful due to the efforts of their loyal servants. To sum up it is clear that ideologies that were introduced by the Europeans in America interfered with the current classless egalitarian united and democratic society. The Europeans have been depicted as opportunistic people and do not advocate for equality and therefore the influence that they brought to the Indians in America were not in harmony with the ideals observed by the original inhabitants of America.
This is my Thesis.
First, the ideologies that Europeans brought into the United States did not come true.
Second, after Europeans moved to the United States, their societies did not match up with the Indians who lived before the emigration.
Third, I think that Puritans (personal surroundings), an ideology that they brought when they moved, do not match the world of freedom and equality.

Remember: PROOFREAD your work for errors. Also, when you first refer to a reading, use author’s full name and full title of reading using quotation marks. After that, just use author’s last name. Introduce all quotes (author’s last name +verb ie. Winthrop said ” “). You need a fully developed Intro and Conclusion that makes your main idea clear. It’s helpful to return to readings in your conclusion. Have an interesting title that captures the essence of your essay.

Be sure to use several readings, especially Calloway, Rosen, McCraw, Winthrop, Indentured Servants (Frethorne, Mittleberger etc).

Information about puritan:

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