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2) What do you think are the main reasons and motivations behind your choice of becoming a counselor

What Motivates One to Become A Counsellor? Student Name Instructor As it goes “A friend in need is a pain indeed.” With such statement it is difficult to think of someone interested in pursuing counselling as a career. Someone would wonder why should one voluntarily want to have their entire life dedicated to listening to other human’s woe tales whether a friend or a stranger? Could this be due to narcissism altruism egoism or some kinds of “ism”? Could it also be due to guiltiness control power powerlessness love passion for solving puzzles? As the saying goes “One teaches best what he/she would mostly like to be taught”. Therapists go through a lot of things in their lives and that could serve a best fit if it plays a role in what they partake as a profession. However the aspect of “wonder healer” has to be taken care off  13(3) 257-274. Brown L. (2005). Don’t be a sheep: How this eldest daughter became a feminist therapist. Journal Of Clinical Psychology  61(8) 949-956. Erskine R. (2001). The psychotherapist’s myths dreams and realities. International Journal Of Psychotherapy  6(2) 133-140. Guttmann J. & Daniels S. (2001). What Do School Counsellors Gain from Their Role as Psychotherapists?. Educational Psychology  21(2) 203-218. Holmes J. & Storr A. (2013). Storr’s The art of psychotherapy. London UK: Hodder Arnold. Mander G. (2007). Diversity discipline and devotion in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. London: Karnac. Sussman C. & Bates-Jensen B. (2012). Wound care. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Wheeler S. Goldie J. & Hicks C. (1998). Counsellor training: An evaluation of the effectiveness of a residential outdoor pursuits activity weeked on the personal development of trainee counsellors. Counselling Psychology Quarterly  11(4) 391-405. WINNICOTT D. (1954). MIND AND ITS RELATION TO THE PSYCHE-SOMA*. British Journal Of Medical Psychology  27(4) 201-209.
It is a reflective essay and should be in APA style of referencing. Please focus on Altruistic reasons, Narcissistic injury and Early childhood loss and experience

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