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2 articles summery

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Due Date Article Summary and Opinion To: Joe From: Student Subject: Amazon First Furniture Brands Article Summary There are two new brands that Amazon has launched. Rivet and Stone & Beam are the brands that have recently been launched and they ship for free. The Rivet brand is a mid-century one although it is modern-inspired. The the Amazon website looking for the furniture of choice. As a result the company is going to make lots of profit. Being that many people like online shopping these days I believe that is a good move the company has made. Source: Staff AOL. “Amazon Is Debuting Its First Furniture Brands –And It’s Coming Straight For Ikea.” N.p. 2017. Web. 12 Nov. 2017.
This homework is writing one page about each article I choose, first you need to summary of the articles then write an opinion about it

Those articles are separate do NOT combined the both articles

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