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“War on Drugs”

War on Drugs.Name.Institutional Affiliation War on Drugs.‘War on Drugs’ is a term used in the US for campaigns to reduce illegal drugs in the country. It seeks military interpolation and assistance to help prohibit drugs. Policies are included in this campaign to dampen the consumption manufacture and distribution of the drugs that have been deemed illegal. The term became popular in 1971 after president Nixon spoke about drug abuse and its prevention. During the conference he affirmed drug abuse a public enemy. His message also included helping new addicts to avoid drugs and offering rehabilitation services for those addicted. These two did not however receive public attention like the term war on drugs (Stuart 2011).Statistic shows that the US uses up to 51 billion annually in the campaigns to stop drug abuse. In 2009 the Obama era decided that we should all join hands with the government to help stop drug abuse. To reduce all the social impacts caused by drug abusers we must take an initiative of helping people stop the bad habits. For our economy to be stable we need to help the members of our society. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be an effective way to encourage users to stop. Substance abuse is a public enemy and it needs to be stopped. References.Fraser S. & Moore D. (Eds.). (2011). The drug effect: Health crime and society. Cambridge University Press.Hanson G. Venturelli P. & Fleckenstein A. (2011). Drugs and society. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.Stuart S. (2011). War as metaphor and the rule of law in crisis: The lessons we should have learned from the war on drugs. S. ill. ulJ 36 1.
Utilizing the film “Traffic”, the DEA “Drugs of Abuse” journal article, the DEA website and the Kirkland book, write a three (3) page, double spaced essay on the “War on Drugs”. An academically sound paper will identify the various impacts of drug abuse in society. APA is not required for this assignment, however, practice in the APA format is encouraged.

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